Happy(?) Holidays

Day after Christmas. My first sober Christmas in YEARS. My first Christmas without being able to celebrate with Family due to Covid. This year has been a crazy one for sure. I have to admit, I’m feeling a little down. It’s a very unusual feeling for me this time of year since I LOVE theContinue reading “Happy(?) Holidays”

Taking Credit for Sobriety

During a recent Sober Women’s group call, I was reminded of the fact that I often play-down my success. I was telling the story of getting through my first Thanksgiving without any issues staying sober. I explained that, due to Covid, my Thanksgiving wasn’t really a normal celebration. In fact, it was just another day.Continue reading “Taking Credit for Sobriety”

To Be or Not To Be…

One of the biggest differences between being fat and being a drunk is that one of them is impossible to hide! I can’t pretend I’m not fat. On the other hand, it was easy to pretend I wasn’t a drunkard! The fat is obvious, the drinking – not so much. Anyone that looks at meContinue reading “To Be or Not To Be…”


I have been overweight all of my adult life. I have tried to lose weight MANY times. Some of it was successful, some of it, not so much. None of it lasted…which is why I keep trying. Of the many weight loss plans out there, Weight Watchers or WW, is the best. I am aContinue reading “Moderation/”schmoderation””

“Shut up, Alexa!”

If you don’t have an Amazon Alexa device, let me tell you, they can be very helpful. I mean, I set timers and alarms just by asking. Since we are doing school and work fulltime from home, Alexa gets a work out for alarms and timers! “Alexa, set an alarm for 8:50am” – to remindContinue reading ““Shut up, Alexa!””

Sobriety, Mind Tricks & Hallmark Christmas Movies

A year ago, I was newly single, waiting for my divorce to be final. I threw myself into time with my son, and when he wasn’t around, I spent a lot of time watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Of course, I did this while comfortably numbing out with wine in hand. If you have never watchedContinue reading “Sobriety, Mind Tricks & Hallmark Christmas Movies”

The shame of it all…

I used to hide vodka bottles in my underwear drawer. Not the small little airplane bottles, but half gallon bottles. I didn’t want to hear it from my husband about my drinking. He hated drinking before he even met me. I was drinking a lot when we met, but after we got married, I hadContinue reading “The shame of it all…”

For the Love of Food and Drink

I really loved drinking. It made me feel good. At least in the beginning. I liked pouring a glass of wine and having it in front of me at dinner. I liked grabbing my favorite beer when I got home from work. I enjoyed going to the bar with friends and ordering a shot. ThereContinue reading “For the Love of Food and Drink”