It’s all a bunch of Hogwash!

I watch a lot of TV. Yep, I admit it. I love it. Vegging out on a good episode of “Law and Order” or a classic repeat of “ER”. A chance to laugh at “Friends” over and over again. These days with the ability to stream shows and ‘binge-watch’ something from beginning to end, I can pick up a series I’ve never seen before, and watch from beginning to end in a matter of days, depending on how busy I am with life. Between cable, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and HBO Max, I have more than enough entertainment on my TV.

The downside to TV is the commercials. Even on some of the streaming services you have to deal with commercials unless you pay extra, and I am too cheap for that. Let me just say, commercials Suck! A lot of times I can ignore them, and there are even a few that I find entertaining (Progressive’s Doctor Rick commercials are the best and another favorite is Geico’s Tag Team commercial that makes me sing and dance!) But most commercials I find annoying. In fact, some commercials shouldn’t even be on TV. Do I really need to see a commercial for Toilet paper? Or for Menstruation and incontinence supplies? There are things we are going to buy regardless!

But it’s the commercials that say misleading things that make me angry. Specifically the ones about weight loss and alcohol.

If you ever listen to commercials advertising weight loss, you probably already know that they are very good at making you think it is super easy to lose weight if you follow their program. Let us look at a couple programs that have been around a long time – Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Both of these programs provide you with meals that you eat. Each of them ensure that if you eat the food they provide, you will lose the weight you want to lose. If you have ever tried one of these programs or known someone who has, you know that it’s true – you can lose weight following these programs. Because the amount of food they give you to live off of is very small! It is “healthy”, however, it’s processed. All in all, it does the job it says it will do. BUT, what about when you have lost the weight you want to lose? How do you maintain the loss? No one is giving you premade meals anymore. All of a sudden, you are thrown into the deep end to figure out how to eat normal food after having meals provided for you. No more processed frozen meal to put in the microwave. Now you are on your own to figure out what to cook and how much to eat. Good Luck!

One of the newest weight loss programs out there is called Noom. I know very little about this program, but, just from watching the commercials, I will say, they seem to be digging deeper than Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Noom suggests that weight loss isn’t just about the food we eat, but the reasons we eat the food we eat. Well, duh!! I think anyone that has ever struggled with weight knows that figuring out why it is we are eating the crap we eat is the biggest part of it. It’s about what is in your head more than what is on your plate. The thing that really pisses me off about this company and their commercials is they make it sound as if they help you identify what your “issues” are, and as soon as you do that, you can instantly break your bad habits and lose all the weight you need to lose.


Yes, you can identify the issues that are causing you to eat badly or be unable to lose weight. That is a big piece of finding a healthy lifestyle. But, in all my years of diet programs, I have never met someone that figured out the “why” and instantly was able to change their habits and lose the weight and never look back! It doesn’t happen that way! I wish Noom would quit making it sound like they provide you with deep psychological help (they don’t – no psychologist involved) that fixes all of your issues and helps you lose weight easily! These ads make me angrier than any of the others!

Of course, Alcohol ads are even more interesting. They play off of the fact that we all believe the myth that alcohol can do anything we need it to do. What I mean is this; if we are stressed, alcohol relaxes us. If we are celebrating, alcohol makes us fun. If we are sad, alcohol takes away the tears. If we are exhausted, alcohol gives us a pick-me-up. If we can’t sleep, alcohol helps us rest. Do you get the idea? We are told that alcohol can do anything we need it to do…and somewhere along the line, we bought into that. So, advertisements for alcohol have it easy. They can hit on any of the many beliefs we have fallen for and it works. Alcohol should not be advertised at all. Just like toilet paper, tampons, adult diapers and pubic hair razors, I don’t need to see it on TV!

I feel blessed that I can separate the true from the false in weight loss and alcohol consumption. Of course, it took me until I was addicted to alcohol to realize the lies engrained in what we are told. But I have been doing great with my sobriety. My eating and weight loss are a much slower process, but I have a handle on things and it’s just a matter of time. I feel positive about it and that’s a huge step in the right direction. I will keep working towards the healthy body I want and I will keep ignoring all of the stupid commercials I see everyday. I hope you can do the same!

Always~ Ms. K

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