The Power of Connection

I was one of the lucky ones at the beginning of the pandemic and quarantine, to become a member of the Facebook page “A View From My Window“. The page was created by a Belgian woman named Barbara Duriau. At first, the page seemed like a great way to pass time while stuck at home; looking at views from the world, seeing what people see when the look outside each day. This page quickly became a powerful instrument I used to connect with people all over the world during a time when we were unable to connect in person with friends and family.

The page grew so much, at one point, it had to be locked down to more followers and submissions. It is so popular, a Kickstarter campaign financed the publishing of a book using images from the Facebook page. Barbara Duriau has been interviewed often, and she is going to be on the “Today Show” tomorrow morning (1/11/2021). It is an amazing phenomenon. And I have been moved by it all.

I am in love with this Facebook page and even more so with the book. I received my copy last week and I am taking my time going through the pages. I wanted to have it for my son, for when he is older and can look back at the world during the unprecedented times of 2020. While I have been going to the Facebook page each day to see what has been shared, I have yet to recognize any of the pictures I have already seen in the book thus far. That is how many beautiful images have been shared! This Facebook page and the book are amazing. What has been so awe-inspiring to me, is the connection I feel with people from all over the world!

Alaska, USA Austria Italy Arizona, USA

I have spent a lot of time thinking about these images and the stories people share with each post. I have been thinking about all of the places I would love to visit. But mostly, I have been thinking about how small the world seems because of this wonderful page. I feel connected to the world in a way I never felt before. I realize how connection is so important to human life. Connection is how we thrive. Knowing there are others out there that feel the way I feel. Knowing that someone around the world in Egypt is struggling just like me because they can’t hug their mom – that is a powerful thing.

Connection is imperative to human existence. That might seem like an overstatement, but I believe we must have a connection to other humans in order to truly live. Through connection to others, we learn about ourselves. In 2020, I was finally able to get sober and I know the success I’ve had is because of the connection with other women like me. Having support from people who’ve had similar experiences is a comfort and even necessary. Being in a group of like-minded people, going through a process they believe in, is a very powerful tool.

While I was lucky enough to find my “Sober Sisters” this summer and I am happily sober, reaching out when I need it, I haven’t been as fortunate with my weight loss. I am a strong believer in the WW program as I have mentioned in previous posts. One of the best parts of the program is the meetings (connection!). My sister and I found a wonderful leader and a meeting that has great people. Unfortunately, that all went away when the pandemic hit. Currently, you can sign up to attend a workshop but they only allow about 13 people (and it’s hard to get a slot). The other option is on zoom; it’s not the same, but, it’s better than nothing. We are two weeks into the new year and I am getting back to my WW plan. I know I need this group to help me get to my healthy weight.

For me, connection is a requirement for success. I know I need it to learn about the world I live in and the world within me. Every connection I make teaches me something and I intend to use that in every way possible to help me become the best person I can be.

Always, Ms. K

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