2021: Challenge Accepted!

2020 was going to be my year. I was freshly single after my divorce was final at the end of November 2019. I had just gotten used to only having my son with me every other week (missing him when he wasn’t with me!) I knew I needed to make some serious changes in my life to get healthy; mentally and physically. 2020 was going to be my year of Transformation! And then – COVID.

Year started like gangbusters…fun activities, feeling positive. I even quit drinking for 5 days straight. Mini trip to the San Juan Islands with my sister and son, fabulous birthday brunch with dear friends, time with mom and family. I was ready to make the changes I wanted; no, that I needed to make. Then, suddenly, life came to a screeching halt. Covid-19 put us in lockdown.

Like many, suddenly I was a full time Teacher, employee, housekeeper and parent & I had no breaks in sight. Spring of 2020 was incredibly challenging and stressful. Our world didn’t know anything about the new virus except it spread like wildfire. I was afraid to even take my son to the grocery store! I wasn’t able to see my family or friends. I was stressed and I was drinking heavily. My intention to ‘moderate’ my drinking and eat well wasn’t even an after thought & my 2020 “Transformation” wasn’t even in the rearview mirror! I thought, if we could just get through the school year, hopefully summer would be better. And we all know the story. Summer was a little better. That came and went and now we are in the worst of the pandemic.

Funny thing is, in spite of the craziness of 2020, it was a major year of transformation for me. While it may not have happened the way I planned, in some ways, it worked out better than I could have imagined. By the end of June, I knew I could not moderate my alcohol consumption and I had to stop. Today I am blessed with 181 days of sobriety and I partially credit coping with the pandemic for that sobriety.

We shouldn’t be so quick to push off 2020 as the dumpster fire it was, but we should grasp it tightly and learn the lessons it was teaching us. Always count your blessings, always hug your family tight, always remember YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT HAPPENS, you can only control how you respond to it.

There are so many reasons I am grateful for 2020. I am sober. I have had my son with me fulltime since March. I am healthy and so is my family. I have a very good job and I work from home fulltime. I have a nice home and more food than I can eat. I enter 2021 knowing how fortunate I am and feeling blessed. I am ready for 2021 and the transformation that will continue as I take on this new year!

Good tidings and blessings to you and your loved ones in 2021! ~Ms. K

2 thoughts on “2021: Challenge Accepted!

  1. Wow
    Your story’s is so powerful and your words are so meaningful.

    I’m delighted you have found happiness & contentment after so many hurdles, mostly emotional which is weird as you come across as so strong & positive or maybe this is the new you.

    Pleasure to know you
    Joan with Christmas tinsel on zoom call


    1. Oh Joan, it is so nice to hear from you! Thank you for reading! I never would have been writing if it hadn’t been for our group. I am so blessed and it means so much to have support so I feel strong to put my truth out there for others! (And I still loved the tinsel!)


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